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Governance 2020+

Reassigning Competencies to Faculties

In recent years, the seven faculties have undergone a number of visible professionalization processes. These processes have laid the foundations for the consistent ongoing development of autonomy within the University and for transferring greater responsibility to the faculties. In the new structure, responsibilities and competencies previously assigned to the Executive Board of the University were systematically transferred to the faculties.

Specifically, the Governance 2020+ program involved the gradual implementation of the following resolutions by 2020.

Reassigning competencies to faculties with effect from 1 August 2020

  • Direct representation of faculty interests towards the Executive Board of the University (UL) and the Extended Executive Board of the University (EUL): The previous intermediary system, which operated via the Vice Presidents, is being replaced. The deans will directly represent faculty interests to the Executive Board of the University and the EUL.
  • Expansion of budget competence to BE3: The deans’ areas of competence for budgets will be expanded to include professors’ salaries (with effect from the 2021 budget year).
  • Faculty rooms and space management: Responsibility for infrastructural planning and the allocation of space within the faculty will be assigned to the deans.
  • Collaborative appointment negotiations: All appointment procedures will be managed by the Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information. The deans will now be involved in collaborative appointment negotiations. They will negotiate the components involving faculty resources, including BE3 and rooms.
  • Expansion of management responsibility: The deans will assume management responsibility for the observance of rules and obligations by the professors in their faculty.
  • Elevation of the office of dean: The deans’ term of office will be increased to four years.

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