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Governance 2020+

What Is the Aim of the Program?

The faculties are assigned greater responsibility for their core business, the Executive Board of the University shifts its focus toward strategic development throughout the University.

UZH put its management system on a broader basis with 14 responsibility areas – seven UL areas and seven faculties. Under the leadership of the deans, the faculties will take on additional competencies in relation to the management and integration of their core business: Research and teaching, continuing education, and services. The Executive Board of the University will be granted greater strategic powers to shape cross-faculty framework conditions and to tackle challenges that affect the entire University.

The New Management System at UZH

Management System


The UZH management restructure was agreed in 2018 and has been implemented in two stages. The first stage was completed on 1 August 2018 and incorporated the restructuring of the Executive Board of the University as well as the renaming of the Offices of the Vice Presidents. Further measures were implemented as part of the “Governance 2020+” program. They came into effect on 1 August 2020.